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TomSan Solutions is always looking for new technologies and ways to make things better. Pushing it further. Getting more for less.

The mobile market is on the rise. After websites, companies now see the added value of mobile applications. Personalised logins or adapted interfaces can really help people find the right information!

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Latest: PointMe | BoardX | Sweet SMS Templates

PointMe is a service that allows you to explore surroundings in a convenient way. According to your current position, suggestions for interesting places in your neighborhood are given. A large compass arrow indicates the direction and the display shows the distance to a particular location. No complicated road descriptions or street names!

Have you experienced getting off the subway or train and being disoriented? With PointMe you find the right path in a few seconds.

Each location has a big picture and additional information. On the map you can see at a glance the interesting places of a city, so you can avoid the boring parts.

This service does not use internet, so only one time download and you're ready. If you want to use the built-in map, you need a data plan or wifi connection.

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